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    How Do We Really “Spread the Good News”?

    Here is an essay introduction I wrote to the book of I Thessalonians for the recently released Jesus Centered Bible.   **** Jesus in I Thessalonians More than I’ve seen in my lifetime, people in the church are divided over how we should most effectively spread …

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    Jesus and Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophets

    Charles Spurgeon, speaking to a young pastor, once said: “Don’t you know, young man, that from every town, and every village, and every little hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London? And so from every text in Scripture there …

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    Israel: A Homeland for All Jews?

    Brian Newman is a good friend. I know him. I trust him. He’s 100% Jewish and yet believes that Jesus of Nazareth was and is the Messiah that many Jews are still waiting for. He doesn’t think of himself as “Christian.” He’s Jewish. Brian’s heart …

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    How I Read the Bible

    First, I open it and then I….ok, sorry. Just being silly. But honestly, I think we sometimes take some really important things for granted, things that seem simple, and we don’t really consider why we do what we do.  We may assume that enjoying and …

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    Why Franklin Graham and not Iran?

    I’m pretty hard on America, our military, Christians (evangelicals in particular), Republicans and white people. So if you’re a white, American, male, evangelical Christian, Republican, pro-military leader – watch out. I’m gonna pick on you! And, oddly enough, I’m going to go the extra mile …

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  • My Plan to Become Like Jesus: Part Two

    If you remember, I started to form a personal plan to become more like Jesus. I did this by recording (on Facebook) all the ways I am NOT like Jesus – thought that might be a good place to start. I mentioned 30 things that Jesus does or thinks that I don’t. I stopped there as I realized I could probably go on forever. But they were the first 30 that came to mind.

    I should say this – when I say “be more like Jesus” here’s what I mean. I want to be more like Jesus. There. Now that that’s cleared up…..

    My next step is to take the things Jesus said more seriously than I have before. Believe me, I take him seriously. I take what he says seriously. But I want to do more of that. That would include being playful, funny, sarcastic and irreligious in the ways he was.

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  • The Power of Following

    Question:  What was the message Jesus preached?  Answer:   The Kingdom of God is here. Question:  What did Jesus consistently ask potential disciples to do?  Answer: Follow Me. The language i grew up with was “I became a Christian in 1979 when I prayed to receive …

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  • The Murder of Jews in France

    A horrible tragedy in Toulouse France today. A Rabbi, his kids and several others shot and killed or badly wounded.  Rightly, or wrongly, it is being assumed that a Muslim extremist carried out these attacks. Similar attacks have happened in this part of France over …

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  • The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of God – A Response

    So my recent blog on Israel, Replacement Theology and the Kingdom of God (or Jesus), was the most read of anything I’ve written. That actually disappoints me, but…it’s not surprising. There’s definitely something about that place and the theology behind it that interests the world. …

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    The Word “Christian”

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