Online Video Courses with Carl Medearis

Discover the Middle East and its people like never before with in-depth, informative, and challenging online video courses featuring Carl Medearis and other Middle East experts.

The Modern Middle East

The Modern Middle East Video Course

Confused about the Middle East? This course is for you.

In this course, students will develop an understanding of all things “Middle East”. They will be able to recognize the similarities and unique differences in the nations, cultures and tribes of the region while focusing on the rich diversity of this vital part of our world including the interplay of religion, politics and economics as they pertain to the international stage. Learn more ›

Jesus in a Muslim Context


What does it look like, as a follower of Jesus, to share your faith with Muslim friends and neighbors?

This course, designed for both the individual student and the group learning environment, addresses both the why and how of sharing Jesus with Muslims. Through reading the best sources available and hearing inspiring true stories – from both Christians AND Muslims – students will explore a new way to share life and hope with their Muslim friends and neighbors. Of most importance, the student will finish this class with a great sense of hope – that Muslims do, in fact, come to know the biblical Jesus Christ quite easily when they are presented a clear message. Learn more ›