42 Seconds

That’s the average length of Jesus’ recorded conversations. Jesus changed the world, person by person, 42 seconds at a time, and so can we.

What if followers of Jesus were better equipped to live like Jesus, embracing, authentically, every interaction?

42 Seconds helps you to live and speak like Jesus in every conversation throughout your day — at the mailbox, over the fence, and in the grocery store.

Taking cues from Jesus’ example, and his own stories, Carl Medearis emboldens you with these simple Kingdom truths so you can share your life in Jesus with others in the most natural ways.

    • Be kind. It’s basically impossible to introduce our neighbors and coworkers to Jesus if we’re not kind to them.
    • Be brave. It will stretch your faith.
    • Be present. Being present for God may be the key to life.
    • Be Jesus. As believers, his actual presence is in us, which means that we can be the actual presence of Jesus to others.

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