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  • 3rd Myth of a “Christian Leader”

    Leaders Lead.

    That was a John Maxwell-ism that I, and everyone else I know, has bought into. Quotes like “You’ll know when you’re a leader, when you look behind you and people are following.” Sounds right. But is it?

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  • The Ripple Effect of Everyday Peacemaking

    When peace is simplistically defined as “tranquility” one could conclude that it’s attainable through displays of power.

    Here’s what I mean…

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  • Stay Busy! Christian Leadership Myth #2

    No one ever taught me this myth directly, but I sure picked it up from those I admired. I have a whole set of “leader” friends who are busy. Very busy. They glorify business – and therefore, so do I.

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  • 5 Myths of “Christian Leadership”

    Christian Leadership Myth #1.

    As you know, I rant on and on about how we use language. I do that because I’ve seen the ill affects in my own life of adopting agreed upon terms and assuming we all knew what they meant, only to find out later that almost no one agreed on the definition or even understood the term itself.

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  • Who’s in your Neighbor’s Basement?

    The outrage against Ariel Castro for kidnapping, raping and keeping three girls (now women) in his basement for ten years as if they were dogs is surely justified. In fact, even if they had been dogs – the person would still go to jail. It’s almost unthinkable.

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  • Can Islam and Modernization Coexist?

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  • The Greatest

    And then…there was One. He didn’t make the top ten list. He’s a bit of an enigma as I both have and have not met him personally. He’s probably confused me as much as he’s clarified things for me. On the great social issues of our day – he’s mostly silent. He wasn’t a Christian. Not White. Not Western. Said things that made his most committed followers want to stop following and things that made the worst of sinners love him. On one hand, simple, and on the other, profound. At the same time both clear and mysterious. Human and yet possessing divinity in a way we will never grasp. Intriguing. Winsome. Harsh. All things to all men, and yet nothing at all to others. A carpenters kid and the one who holds the universe together by his very breath. This is Jesus. He stands alone!

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  • #1 All-time Mentor (surprise)

    Here we are. The mentor who has influenced me mos. (Who I’ve never personally met). This is an easy one really. And I think it’ll surprise you. I’m not even sure it SHOULD be this person – as I’d rather it be Jesus (the obvious choice here), but it’s the Apostle Paul.

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  • My #2 Mentor (who I’ve never met)

    As a five year old in Kindergarten, I already felt like an “Evangelist.” During “show and tell” I’d always ask the other kids a question and have them raise their hands. Once I asked “How many of your Grammas have subscribed the Humpty Dumpty Magazine for you?” It was my favorite, so I wanted everyone to have it.

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  • Mentor #3 – Jim Elliot

    I grew up on Jim Elliot. He was my childhood hero. I read the book “Through Gates of Splendor” probably five times before I was 12 years old.

    I wanted to be like him. I wanted to fly a bush plane into the jungles like Nate Saint. I was even ready to die – like them. I have often thought I would. (I haven’t, in case you’re wondering).

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