Angry at Church and Christianity! I hear that more and more. Nearly every time I speak somewhere, I have a handful of people who come to me and share some painful experience they’ve had with the church or Christianity (whatever they might think that means).

Another Man’s Bus

We left Bethlehem last Monday morning to go back across the border into Jordan to visit Rob who was in a serious car accident. From Bethlehem to Jerusalem is about 10 miles. From there to the Jordanian border is another 20 miles. (Down the valley and past Jericho). Should take about 45 minutes. But it takes several hours.

In Beirut

We’re at the end of our third day in Lebanon. Incredible. We’ve literally seen 100’s of people. Lebanese, Palestinians, Shi’ites, Sunni, Druze and Christian. From the north to the south. Lots of old friends and making some new ones. Once again I’m astounded by the open hearts towards the good news of Jesus Christ.


Jonathan sent me this question recently: “I understand most of what you are saying regarding following Jesus, however when do we draw the line on what’s right and what’s wrong? When it is ‘Ok’ to confront someone when we see they are destroying there life?”


I’ve always heard that fame, fortune or females can cause a guy problems. Not sure it’s a fair thing to say, but I’ve often heard that. I do know that my main female (Chris) has not only NOT brought me down, but continually lifts me up….but hey, that’s not the thought I was going to share.


I feel like I’m blind at least half the time. I can’t see tomorrow or even the next minute. I haven’t been to most the places I go – metaphorically speaking. Faith is being sure of what you DON’T see…


According to Isaiah in the 58th Chapter….Fasting and other spiritual disciplines (prayer, studying the scriptures) are good and bear much fruit in our lives and work. But there is another kind of “fast” that the Prophets talk about as well as Jesus.


I’m reading three books at the same time (as usual). Two by Shane Claiborne and one by Rob Bell. They’re not for the faint of heart. Not sure I’d even recommend them they’re so radical. If you feel adventurous, they’re called “The Irresistible Revolution,” “Jesus for President”and “Jesus wants to Save Christians.” All pretty wild.


We don't always get a second chance. Thankfully, this website is. It's going to be all new in about two weeks. Really exciting stuff. A bunch of cool videos. Podcasts. Totally new look. A site dedicated to the book and to Muslims. And the main site built around the...


I wrote a few weeks ago about why we sometimes avoid talking about God. I listed several things that I thought hinder us. I want to focus much of my attention over the next weeks on how we CAN talk about Jesus with anyone in a way that makes sense. Here's my first set...