An Excerpt of Tea

Hi guys. Here’s a random quick peak from Tea with Hezbollah that comes out next month:

Ten minutes later we were back on the road, driving in silence. As much is communicated by what isn’t said, as by what is. Late into the night we would discuss both. But here our purpose is simply to report what was said and what wasn’t, not to offer any opinions or conclusions from the words of the powerful ideologues we interviewed.

“So, tomorrow the Hezbollah?” I asked after a long silence.

Welcome to the Jungle

I attended college in Colorado Springs, married the love of my life, and began to get involved with a Vineyard church in Denver. My heart beat with the same passion that infects so many today. I wanted to change history. I wanted to be there at the moment when people were conceived in Christ. I didn’t fully understand what ministry was, but I dove in.

A Clear Target

From time to time, I’d like to throw in something I’ve already written from either “Muslims, Christians and Jesus” or from the upcoming “Tea with Hezbollah.” I’m now working in a new book called “Speaking of Jesus” and the following blog is from that…

For every five people who would stop to talk to me about being a Christian as a life-changing, positive thing, there was one who would step up to the plate and tell me with vivid clarity that they thought Christianity was a crock and that Christians were a bunch of hypocrites.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/10

In this final video blog from the Middle East, Carl talks from the beach in Tel Aviv about the simplicity of Jesus and the answer that He is to all the chaos, questions, and conflict -- not just in the Middle East, but in every single one of us.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/9

Check out this quick video blog about the power (and challenge) of loving our enemies -- recorded yesterday afternoon in front of Arafat's tomb in Ramallah. Also, we've posted a few new photos of our time in Bethlehem and Ramallah on Facebook.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/8

Here's Carl in Hebron in front of the half mosque-half synagogue that houses the tombs of the patriarchs (Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Leah). We're also posting photos daily, so be sure to check them out on our Facebook page.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/7

For our fourth video blog from the Middle East, Carl talks from the Mount of Olives about the religiosity in Jerusalem, both during Christ’s time and today.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/6

Video update #3 from Bethlehem…Carl and Chris share some highlights from the last couple days. Plus, we’ve posted some new photos from the last couple days, so be sure to check those out on Facebook.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/4

Carl gives a quick update on what’s going on with the team in the Middle East, and he talks to a couple young people who live in Beirut. Take a few minutes to watch the video, and be sure to post your comments. Also, check out Carl’s Facebook page to see daily photo updates from the team.

Middle East Trip Video Update: 11/3

Carl gives a quick “live update” from the team currently in Beirut, Lebanon. Be sure to pass the video along to your friends, and if you’re not a fan on Facebook, become one so you can keep track of us. We also just posted photos of the day’s events on Facebook, so be sure to check them out.