Medearis Kids Go to the Middle East

Our three kids and one of their friends have developed a website and are going to be filming in Israel and the West Bank this June. It’s amazing what they’re doing.

Check out their site (all produced and written by them and all the filming will be done by them):

We are so proud of them. Go there and read the whole thing. And see what you think. If you like it, pitch in!

New Book Idea #2

A few of you have responded to my last cry for help by interviewing 10 people and asking them two questions: what first comes to mind when you think of the religion of Christianity, and secondly, what first comes to your mind when you think of Jesus of Nazareth. You can vary those questions, use them for your own means, but I want your feedback for the book I’m writing. Please send those in as a response to that last blog or on Facebook – or email them to me.

The next thing I’d like you to help me with is to ask as many of your friends as you want – that go to your church and you know are fairly mature in their faith – these questions:

Obama’s Deadly Sin

Okay, I’ll tell you upfront, the subject line was merely a ploy to get you to read this. I guess it worked…

Have you heard that he wanted to cancel the National Day of Prayer? I have. Lots of my friends are worried about it. And do you know, he’s never even suggested cancelling it. Actually, a right-wing nut on the radio simply made it up, which got the Christian gossip machine rolling, and now, almost everyone I know thinks it’s going to be canceled unless we stand up and fight. Amazing!

New Book Idea #1

Would you be willing to do this little experiment and then send it to me for the book “Speaking of Jesus…?”

Ask 10 people (ones who don’t yet have a friendship with Jesus) some variation of these two questions: