Some fairly big news from Carl and Chris.

In the spring of 2013 I started to feel something. Call it “getting old.” Or as I prefer – “Wisdom.”  But it was telling me to slow down my life of rushing around the Middle East sharing Jesus and doing humanitarian work.

That same year, I had the initial thought for Simply Jesus — “let’s gather a few friends who love to talk about Jesus – not issues, just Jesus. And, let’s have it in Colorado.”  I emailed N.T. Wright and asked if I could use the name of his book – Simply Jesus. He said a hearty “yes” and when I asked him to come he also agreed. With the huge support of my dear friends Bart Tarman and Jay Pathak – we launched the first one in the fall of 2013 and haven’t looked back. These gatherings and the website that hosts all the sessions in high quality HD video, have had a huge impact around the world on 100’s of thousands of people. We are so encouraged.

However, the day we were (sort of) preparing for back in 2013 has seemed to arrive. My doctor has grounded me. Literally. Horrible neuropathy in my feet has left me struggling to walk and without the ability to fly. So, as of now, we’re in Colorado for a while. I haven’t wanted to share this – because it feels heavy and final. But that’s the news. It’s hard. My feet are in constant pain. But, similar to getting jailed in several countries, kicked out of Lebanon (twice) and kidnapped in Iraq – this is simply a way for God to show us his grace and get us to move in a new direction that only he could imagine.

We do need your support at this time. Financially and in prayer. Supporting your favorite Jesus-following friends who used to live in the Middle East but now have a cabin in the Colorado mountains, isn’t all that cool – I get it. We don’t fit in any clear category (have we ever?). But if you can – we could use a dose of financial help right now. We still lead our friends and neighbors to Jesus. Just not many Muslims up here. 🙂

And…if you want to see Chris and me (and our kids) you should come join us in a few weeks at Simply Jesus!

We love you guys. We need you. And we look forward to the next step with you.

Carl and Chris


Photo by Paulo Brandao on Unsplash