As promised, I’m touching base with you prior to going to Somalia. Next time you hear from me, we’ll be back with, hopefully, a much clearer idea of the best opportunities for partnership.

I’ve assembled a team of 7 people that will be going in with me. We’ll be there for 4 days. While I am not free to communicate all the names, I believe the team that has formed has potential to do great good for the Somali people.

One person that I would like to let you know about is my friend Jeremy Courtney. Jeremy is the CEO of Preemptive Love Coalition. They have done a fantastic job serving in Iraq and Syria for the benefit of a people who have endured incomprehensible loss. Through our connection, they are evaluating whether or not Somalia may be their next “frontier.”

So, will you please pray for us as we go? If you haven’t seen them already, I’ve shared a few articles on my Facebook page about Somalia, as well as this post from last week. They’ll give you a pretty clear idea of how to pray. Otherwise, please pray:

  • For my friends as they host us, and play the role of key connectors.
  • For a unified sense of the Holy Spirit’s leading among the group.
  • For direction as to the Somalis we should partner with, and those we shouldn’t.
  • Health. Protection. Wisdom.

And, if you are still wondering why we are going to a place many consider crazy, watch this video of Jeremy, filmed this past summer at the Simply Jesus Gathering. Just 2 minutes. This is why.

I’ll be in touch when we are back. In the meantime, think about registering for the 2017 Simply Jesus Gathering. You never know where the connections you make there will lead. Maybe to places like Somalia!