A door has opened to me that I believe I am to walk through. It’s not an easy door. And, I’m not exactly certain all that is on the other side. But this is one of those times that I just know it’s a step I need to take. One of obedience. Of faith. And one of great hope.

I’m going to Somalia. This month.

It’s not a place many people want to visit. Drought, famine, and terrorism have sadly become almost synonymous with Somalia. And, it’s for good reason. According to the United Nations, “drought, impending famine, and the presence of Al Shabaab have left these people in a desperate situation.” Desperate. 6 million people are currently in need of food assistance.

So, why do I go? Out of love for Jesus, and love for my friends.

My dear Somali friends, whom Chris and I have known for years, invited us. They are people of peace, longing to see hope return to their homeland. Longing to see life triumph over the death that seems so rampant in their region. My friends live in a relatively peaceful part of Somalia, and their people are suffering. After I decided to go, my friend shared a dream she had of Jesus lighting a path before me into Somalia. Though I don’t know where the path ends, this image resonates with me.

I’ve assembled a small team of experts in drilling, infrastructure, and film to go with me. I wish I could tell you that we will go in and dig X amount of wells that will give fresh water to X amount of people. But, I’d be lying if I did. We just don’t know yet. But, we go forward by faith, desiring God to let us be a part of what he wants to do in this place at this time…to save lives, ease suffering, and bring hope.

Will you go with us? Will you add your faith to ours on behalf of the people of Somalia? Please pray:

  • That God would light the path before us, leading us to the place of greatest service and help.
  • That we would be successful in bringing water, literally, to a thirsty land.
  • That necessary and important connections would be made that can help change the course of a nation.
  • That food would get to the hungry.

It’s expensive to charter a private plane to get to the north of this region. And, drilling for water in the desert is no easy task. If some of you would like to give at this early stage to help, I would greatly appreciate it.  (Please include “Somalia” in the comment area.)

I’ll be in touch before we leave, sharing any new information that we have and, again, soliciting your prayers. Thank you so much for all that you do to show your love for us.

Because Jesus sees and cares,