As a follow up to my blog a couple days ago about the urgent need for wise nuance – I write today in light of three major news stories now unfolding.

I want to be able to discern the difference between terrorists who act in the name of Islam, and the vast majority of Muslims.  We also need to help them understand and articulate those differences more wisely.  When a Muslim simply says “those guys are crazy and I’m not a terrorists” – well, that’s really not all that convincing. We need to stand with the vast majority who do clearly denounce any terrorist acts, and the many Muslims who are actually full-on pacifists.  The Quran does NOT teach or support terrorism in any way – but even some Muslims don’t know that.  We can help them.   No excuse for our ignorance, just like there’s no excuse for theirs.

supreme court buildingI want to be fully loving and accepting of a gay couple who chooses a monogamous life in committed civil union. Full rights and full benefits.  It’s not “marriage” because that’s a God-ordained covenant between a man and a woman.  One man. One woman. For life. That’s God’s ideal. It’s his plan, not mine.  And I support God’s plans!   🙂

I believe all flags are problematic.  The American flag has distracted many of us from committing our full allegiance to no one but Christ for many years now.  It’s easy as a Northerner for me to look upon the Confederate flag with a bit of contempt – it’s true, I don’t get it.  I don’t feel the emotion attached to it. But I and many I know, LOVE the American red, white and blue, just a tad too much.  Let’s make sure our allegiance is fully placed where it ought to be.  We can love our country, like we love our car, or our house, or our dog, or even our family – but just don’t let it get in the way of following Jesus!  And it sometimes does.

Truth and Grace. A fine balancing act. No bumper sticker answers. No easy black and white responses to complicated questions involving real live human beings made in the image of God who are desperately seeking to find him.

Let’s point the way!