Every year, Chris and I host a little Christmas party for our neighbors.  Our actual physical neighbors.  We live in a cul de sac so we have a bit of an advantage in getting to know those who live next to us. We share a multi-mailbox and see each other in one form or another almost daily (at least as garage doors open and close).

But it still takes some initiative and a little planning. Here’s how we did it the first time.

1.  We had been in our current home for six months when the first December 25th rolled around. So we already knew first names.  We did that through the ole tried and true method of walking up to them and saying “Hi, my name’s Carl.  What’s yours?”   (I hope you’re taking notes).   🙂

2.  Then around Thanksgiving time – maybe just after – the next time we saw anyone we just asked them if they’d want to come over and bring their favorite drink and some goodies.  Chris and I had agreed on a date and time so we just said “How about Friday night December 15th at 7:00 at our place.”  Pretty straightforward.

3. Now we have all our neighbors emails so we email them and then follow up whenever we see them.  This year it’s Saturday night December 20th.

4.  Here’s what we do when we get together. We mill around the kitchen chatting, eating and drinking.  Some wander off into the living room or the dining room and talk.  And then we have some more to eat and drink. And then we chat. Sometimes deeply, sometimes about the weather.

5. Chris plays basic piano so we often gather around and sing two or three Christmas carols and mostly laugh because we all know the first verse but not much more. It’s fun…or funny….   Once I read the Christmas story from a little booklet – can’t remember which one.

We don’t pray or preach or read from the Bible. You could do all those things, but we don’t.  We mostly hang out.  Everyone loves it and always asks if we’re doing it again next year.  We are.

There you go.  Not too profound. A low bar. You should do it. What if we all did this with our neighbors? Not sure it changes the world, but it sure doesn’t hurt. And if someone drinks too much, they’re just walking home anyway!