One of the things I’ve learned from generous friends – is that the generosity of sharing friends is perhaps the most profound kind of generosity. In the world i come from, who you know is everything. If you have a “big donor” you would never introduce that person to your other ministry friends because they might “steal him.”

If you know a major influencer, you need to be careful who you introduce him/her to. If you have a best friend – don’t share them too quickly or they might become someone else’s BFF.

All not true. This mindset of scarcity exposes how we view God. A.W. Tozer said, “What comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us…” So what you think about God’s generosity will tell you what kind of a generous (or not) life you will live. So let me ask you – when you think of God….do you think of an insanely wildly generous God who is literally scheming for ways to bless, love and encourage you? One who can’t wait to lavish good gifts on you? Or is the god in your head a miserly partially angry god looking for his next chance to punish you?

I have close friends doing incredible things. To name a few:

Greg Khalil leads the Telos Group. If you want to do a life-changing experience in the Holy Land….he’s your man.

Ted Dekker just wrote a new book that will rock your view of God and his mission. It’s called “Outlaw.”

Jer Swigert an Jon Huckins lead this amazing work with helping western Christians experience hard places in a way that changes minds and hearts. I love this stuff:

Brad Corrigan is a dear friend here in Denver that integrates music, art and service in some incredible ways. He has a new album:

John Harley leads Pathways for Mutual Respect.

Rick Love leads

Andy Braner has the coolest youth camp ever:

Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon are changing the way we see and love our neighbors:

Hugh Halter is shaping how we think of church and missional communities:

And…I could go on and on (the obvious danger to me doing what I just did – is all those I left off who are doing amazing things – this is a very partial list. I’ll come back with more next time). But these are some of my friends – and I want to share them with you. They are pastors, businessmen, activists, film makers, and just great all-round guys. They are the kind of friends I’d want you to have!