…for a great family. Wonderful parents and two great sisters. An amazing wife and three great kids (when can i stop calling them “kids”). For friends – unbelievable friends – the kind that stick with you through thick and thin. An amazing “job” – not sure what makes a job a job, but whatever it is I get to do everyday – I almost feel guilty it’s so fun!

For a cool dog – my golden retriever, Zoe. A persian cat, actually from Persia (Iran) who we brought back to America with us and is somehow still living (I thought there were sanctions on bringing Iranians in).

A house. Two cars (one more than we need). Books. A computer (two actually) so I can write these annoying thoughts, assuming someone cares. Other stuff.


Fishing. Hunting. Camping. Friends. Did I already mention friends? Church.

Our neighbors – wow, we have the best neighbors ever. How can they be so nice?

Today is Thanksgiving. Every day is actually – I just sometimes forget. I am a thankful man.