Two weeks from today we start our gathering called “Simply Jesus.”

I’m in the first week of teaching my online University course to 21 eager students – “Jesus in a Muslim Context.”

We have a new small group study guide for my book “Speaking of Jesus.”

Last weekend I was in Chicago and this weekend in Richmond – encouraging Christians to follow Jesus.

Two days after our Simply Jesus deal here in Denver, Chris and I will be traveling to Jordan with a pile of friends to encourage our Middle Eastern friends to more deeply consider the way of Jesus.

I sense a theme here. Yep….Jesus! Simply….Jesus. Except one thing. It feels complicated and I don’t think it should. So who’s complicating Jesus. Guess. Yes, I confess – it’s me. I’m doing the complicating and he’s doing the unraveling.

Jesus said it’s simple – everything was summarized in “Love God. Love People.” He said. “Don’t judge.” “Forgive.” “Love your enemies.” “Serve.” “Follow me.” “To enter the Kingdom of God, become like a child.”

“Become like a child.” But I’ve grown up. The world is complex. I live in the middle of the complexities of the Middle East. Muslim-Christian and Jewish (mis)understanding. Arab-American. Politics and policy. Hosting conferences that we call gatherings. Writing books, blogs, email and twitter posts and cramming in a quiet time when I have time. It’s complicated. My life, that is.

But it’s actually not. When I stop. Breathe. Look around – here’s what I see. Three wonderful adult kids who love life and God. An amazing wife that doesn’t just ‘stick with me’ but actually loves me (imagine)! Great friends. An incredible privilege to work with the coolest, funnest wonderfulest people in the whole world. Spring colors. Pleasure and privilege all around. Some created by Jesus, and some just because I live in Denver Colorado. It’s not complicated at all – when I remember that He’s called me to come sit with him and learn from his easy-yoke-burden-light way of Life. This is My King.

Now….yes, there are things to get done. But they come from sitting with my Friend, not out of my self-induced Frenzy.

So you CAN still sign up for Simply Jesus (a few spots left) by going to

And you can now buy the “Speaking of Jesus Study Guide” directly through Amazon or by emailing my friend who helped put it together if you want to buy a bunch of them: Richard Bahr at:

And you’re free to love your neighbor (as in, have them over for dinner) and love your family, and….this is a hard one, even love your former boss or ex something…. It’s all right there in front of us – this wonderful way of Jesus!