No one ever taught me this myth directly, but I’ve sure picked it up from those I admire. I have a whole set of “leader” friends who are busy. Very busy. They glorify busy-ness – and therefore, so do I.

Someone ask me (as they do), “How’s it going Carl?” What do I say? Well, usually it’s something like this: “Good. Really good. Having fun. You know same ole same ole. Jesus. People. A little Middle East in there. Speaking. Busy. For sure, busy. Man, the last couple months have been CRAZY. But hey, it’s all good. You know….”

Think about that. It’s just a weird way to do life. I have a friend – a famous author and speaker – who’s like that. He’s crazy busy. Last time I talked to him on the phone he talked for a half hour about how busy he was. He wasn’t saying it was “good” but he was sure letting me know something. What was he communicating to me? I can’t be sure about him, but I know that when I do that, I’m letting you know that I’m important. You know, like The Anchorman, Ron Burgandy, said once – “I don’t know if you know this or not….but I’m kinda a big deal.”

That’s me. I’m a big deal. I’m important. I’m busy. And I’m letting you know it every time you ask about me.

That’s stupid. Crazy stuff. There are three problems with a “busy life.”

1. Jesus highlights “rest” over and over again. When you “enter his rest” is when you’re “saved.” His burden is light, his yoke is easy. If you’re feeling over-busy or stressed than you are not experiencing Jesus. That’s pretty clear, don’t you think?

2. I might be impressed with someone who is busy when I hear about it, but never when I’m with them. In other words, when I’m actually present with the “busy guy” I don’t want him to be busy – right? I want him to focus on me. When I’m overly busy, others know it and react to it negatively. They may be impressed from a distance, but never up close.

3. I’m ineffective when I’m too busy. I lose touch. I lose control. I get impatient or angry (all of this is theoretical, of course)! 🙂 I don’t have anything of Jesus to give when I’m too busy.

I was told once that I should “use my time wisely” by doing things like calling people whenever I’m in the car, as to not waste time. Really? I’m actually finding that “wasting time” can be a good thing. Doing nothing is the best time for God to speak to me. Why do you think we hear the best when we’re in the shower or sitting on the throne – it’s because we’re not busy. I have the best talks with my kids when we sit in our hot tub. We’re focused and relaxed. Then, and only then, do we tune in and actually listen!

Do yourself and everyone around you a big favor – slow down. Business is NOT next to godliness. It’s a sickness we (I) need to repent of!