Mentor I don’t know Personally #4

Mother Theresa has always been an enigma to me. She’s female, I’m male. She’s short, I’m tall. She’s Catholic, I’m Protestant. She loves the poor, I prefer the rich. She preaches with her life – I use my words. You might say, she’s the anti-Carl Medearis. And that’s why I love her!

There’s really nothing specific to say here. We all “know” who Mother Theresa is. I don’t know her more than you – just always feel convicted by her life. She holds my feet to the fire by what she said and did and HOW she said and did it. ‘nough said…..


  1. airgore says:

    Carl, I’d list her in my top 5 of I don’t know them personally also but this post seems a little bit lazy. You could have told us more about her.