As those of you know – who know me – I love the Middle East. My wife and three kids love the Middle East. We love the people. The passion. The Places. Even…well, yes – even the confusion and chaos. We just love it there.

One of the most simple, yet true, things that Jesus ever taught was this principle – what your heart is full of, always comes out of your mouth. Like the law of gravity. “Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks.” I love my family – I talk about my family. I love the Denver Broncos – I talk about the Broncos. I love Jesus – I talk about Jesus.

So…since I love the Middle East – I want you to love it to. That’s why a group of us founded the website: It’s awesome. And now….it’s even awesome-r. If you go to the site now, you’ll see a spot to sign up for a “Premium Subscription.” I know I know. It sounds a little “scam-ish” but it’s the real deal. Tons of work has gone into this. The quarterly live video and phone calls with our friends in the Middle East will be a highlight. I suppose I’ll do one now and then as well. But mostly I want you to meet our friends who are Arab leaders. Palestinians and Israelis who are doing amazing things and can tell you about them in person (well, almost in person).

Here’s everything you’ll receive as part of your Middle East Experience Premium Subscription:

A Members-Only monthly email Newsletter:

Every single month we’ll summarize the most important stories and give our members up-to-the-minute expert analysis from our exclusive panel of Middle Eastern authors and contributors.

Access to Our New Online Publishing House:

While others will have to pay for the privilege to have their content published on the Middle Experience Website and shared via social media, our subscribers will get their content published and promoted for FREE.

Quarterly LIVE Conference Calls With Influential Leaders in the Middle East:

Four times a year, you’ll be able to connect with some of the top movers in shakers impacting the Middle East and Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations. Have you ever wanted to ask a Muslim businessman in Saudi Arabia a question about how business works there? Now’s your chance. Authors. Speakers. Political and religious leaders. Journalists. World-class business owners. All available for you to speak with on our exclusive conference calls.

Just go to and sign up now.