If you remember, I started to form a personal plan to become more like Jesus. I did this by recording (on Facebook) all the ways I am NOT like Jesus – thought that might be a good place to start. I mentioned 30 things that Jesus does or thinks that I don’t.  I stopped there as I realized I could probably go on forever. But they were the first 30 that came to mind.

I should say this – when I say “be more like Jesus” here’s what I mean.  I want to be more like Jesus. There. Now that that’s cleared up…..

My next step is to take the things Jesus said more seriously than I have before.  Believe me, I take him seriously. I take what he says seriously. But I want to do more of that.  That would include being playful, funny, sarcastic and irreligious in the ways he was.

If you want to become more like your dad, or your best friend, or a mentor or teacher – how do you do that?  You study their life. What they do and why they do it. You’d read anything they’d written. Any speeches they gave, you’d study.  You’d try to physically be with them as much as you can.  You’d be a student. An apprentice. A disciple. A friend. An imitator. That’s what I want to do with Jesus.  As much as is possible for me; to be like him.

So….step #2:  Study. Memorize. Know and understand the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7).  And all of his parables, stories and teachings.

So I’m going to do that.  Depends how you count, there are about 40 parables.  There are another 30 or so stories or metaphors that aren’t necessarily “parables” but served his desired purpose.

I will begin to read, memorize and understand all of these – hopefully leading to actual transformation in my heart and mind.

I will post each new thought on Facebook and Twitter. Follow me there if you haven’t yet.  Let’s do this!