Okay, so I don’t read it every day, but almost.  Have all my life. I probably started reading it pretty seriously when I was about 12 – now I’m, uh, 50.  So I think that’s 38 years of reading the same book. Over and over.  I’ve read it straight through several times but I find that painful – as some parts are boring.

I mostly pick and choose. Sometimes I’ll spend a half hour sort of flipping back and forth and letting my eyes fall on certain portions and then either moving on quickly or allowing myself to be pleasantly distracted and get lost in that passage. Not often, but sometimes I lose track of the time and realize I’ve read through a whole book – maybe an hour or even more.

Sometimes I study it.  Focus on a topic and get out my iPad and Bible program and search for every time this or that word comes up. I imagine myself as St. Augustine or someone really smart like that – trying to figure out the philosophy behind the theology.  I have a long list of papers I’ve written from these times.  Papers on “the church.” Or on “the gospel.”  Such things.  I try to “figure it out.” Probably for the purpose of teaching it to others.

And sometimes I treat the Bible like dessert. I just read and wander around in it, enjoying its flavor. I look for odd things. For humor and sarcasm. For love and romance. For wars and Great Adventures like the ones the Hobbits left for with Gandalf and Aragorn.

I was told – growing up – that I was “supposed” to have a daily quiet time. Preferably in the morning and for about 15-30 minutes in length.  Problem was that I didn’t live any other part of my life this way. When I married Chris, I didn’t treat her that way. None of my other friendships were that way. I tend to be scattered – actually, let’s call it “spontaneous.”  A much better word.

I’m not a morning person. I’m not particularly disciplined.  I enjoy diving into the Bible and its riches whenever I want to.  I think that’s allowed.  And….I don’t like to be told “how it’s done.” (You may have guessed that).  🙂

So WHY do I read the Bible (almost) every day?  Because I like it. I enjoy it. It makes me happy.  How’s that for some good theology?  Oh, there are tons of reasons of course, but those are as good as any. Mainly – because I want to.