i was with my friend Tony Hall twice a couple weeks ago. Once for a day here in Colorado and then for two days in Washington DC, where he lives. He was a Congressman for about 24 years from Ohio and then a specially appointed U.S. Ambassador  for several more…. He’s an amazing man with a huge heart for God.

He was telling me about one of his times with Mother Teresa.  He asked her (like so many surely did) what her “secrets” were to all she did. Her answer: to speak the words of Jesus.

Tony made the comment that it was amazing how Mother Teresa spoke – she literally would use the words of Jesus. You know, the ones in red letters in many of our bibles. She just knew his words and used them.  Unbelievable. How simple. How profound. How life-changing that would be.

So I’ve been thinking – what would my life look like if I actually talked like Jesus?  Preferably I’d THINK and BE like him. But what if I just started by using his vocabulary.  Not in an annoying or self-righteous way. That obviously defeats the purpose. Tony told me that he could never tell when she was talking and when she was quoting scriptures. Or was she just mimicking Jesus. Or saying some wise things from Jesus. Or speaking in her own words. Or…. It flowed so naturally he couldn’t tell.

Oh to be just a little more like that.  What a challenge?  What do you think?  Could we be so like Him that people aren’t sure when we’re quoting him or when we’re talking?  I cherish the thought….