Recently I’ve noticed  that Jesus and I aren’t alike.  And all the books I read tells me I’m supposed to be like Him, not him like me.  So if I’m being honest (which I also read about somewhere), I’d say that I’ve either made my personal Jesus look, act, talk and think like me – or I’ve just ignored actually trying to be like him altogether.  Either way – I’m pretty sure that’s not good.

A good friend of mine, and someone I try to learn from (Bart is his name), asked me once what my plan was to become like Jesus. This is like a year ago.  “My plan to become like Jesus?” I asked, looking like a deer in the headlights.  “Hey listen,” I responded quickly, “I’m the guy who writes stuff about Jesus – don’t be asking ME questions like that!”

I felt slightly offended. A bit confused. And then, of course, my default – defensive. Of course I have a plan to become like Jesus.  You know. I read the bible.  Pray. Fellowship. And…other stuff….

So that conversation, with Bart, was a year ago. So I thought I should start taking it seriously about now.  So here I go.

And since I’m a chicken I figured it’d be good to bring some others on this journey. You!

First:  I’ve decided to identify all the ways I’m different from Jesus. Or….He’s different from me. Either way works I think.

I’ll try to think of a way He and I aren’t the same – every day. Obviously the point of this exercise is to point out how I need to change.  Today I posted the first difference on Facebook and Tweeted it. Surely that’s what Jesus would do….!

A little technical note.  I will say what Jesus did, said, acted or lived – all in past tense. Not because he used to do that and he doesn’t any more, but simply because it’s easier and clearer to look at his life through the Gospels and see exactly how he did stuff 2000 years ago. So I’ll use the past tense.

Difference #1: Jesus liked the poor, I prefer the wealthy.