1. Is the West Christian? Is being Christian Western?
  2. Do Christians really follow Jesus or do they follow their churches, or…?
  3. Is the Pope the head of the Christians? What’s the difference between Protestants and Catholics and Orthodox?
  4. Does Christianity want to take over the world?
  5. Does the Bible support violence against Muslims?
  6. Is the Bible the rule for Christians? Do they really follow it?
  7. What is an “Evangelical?”
  8. Why do so many American Christians support Israel and not the Palestinians?
  9. Since the Bible seems to be a book about Jews and written by Jews, is there really any way for Christians to love Muslims since it’s their main book?
  10. Why do Christians believe God had a son?
  11. Has the Bible been changed? We (Muslims) think it has been, but Christians don’t. How do they know they’re right?
  12. We (Muslims) believe in Jesus — that he was a prophet. We believe in all the prophets. Why don’t Christians believe in Muhammad as a prophet?
  13. We (Muslims) don’t believe Jesus was crucified. God would never let that happen to his great prophet. Why are Christians so convinced that Jesus was crucified and that it’s so important?
  14. Why do Christians think we (Muslims) have to convert to Christianity to be saved? Why can’t we follow our own faith?
  15. We’ve heard that Christians believe in three Gods. Is that true?
  16. We always hear that Christians think we’re the ones on Jihad (“holy war”), but it often seems to us that it’s the Christians who are on a holy war. Why are we accused of what we think you are doing?
  17. Are there any passages in the Bible that condone or even encourage violence? Because some Muslims misuse the Qur’an in that way, we wonder if some Christians also misuse the Bible that way.
  18. We feel that we’ve historically treated Christians in our midst with great respect, but the western Christian world doesn’t see it that way at all. Why is that?
  19. What are the main reasons that American Christians seem to have a hard time with Muslims? We don’t understand this?
  20. Do you (Christians) understand why we (Muslims) have a hard time hearing your message of love and forgiveness you call the “Good News?”