1. Does Islam and the Qur’an actually promote violence? If not, why do we all think it does? If so, what do we do about it?
  2. Was Muhammad a true prophet? If so, what would that mean? If not, why not and how do we say that to our Muslim friend, knowing it will sound offensive?
  3. Is the Qur’an a good or bad book? If it’s “good” what does that mean? How “good” is it? And if it’s bad, how and why?
  4. Do Muslims have an agenda to take over America and the West? If so, how are they doing it and what do we do about it?
  5. Are “Arabs” and “Muslims” the same? What is an “Arab?” And what is a “Muslim?” Shi’ite and Sunni too….
  6. Is Jihad what we think it is? And if so, what do we do about that?
  7. Does the Qur’an encourage Muslims to kill Christians and Jews specifically? In other words, are we the “infidels” that the Qur’an seems to say should be killed?
  8. Do Muslims evangelize? And if they do, how do they do it?
  9. Is Islam compatible with democracy or does it contradict it?
  10. Can Muslim integrate into Western society in productive ways? If they can, how are they doing with that and are we helping them?
  11. If, as some say, the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and hate the terrorists in their midst, then why don’t we hear this “silent majority” speak out more?
  12. Has Islam always expanded through violence? In other words, is it in their history to act in a violent manner, regardless of what the Qur’an may say? Since Muhammad until now, have Muslims grown through violence or is this a myth?
  13. Does Islam promote learning and scientific advancement the way the West does? Has there ever been an age of enlightenment or renaissance in Islamic countries?
  14. It makes sense for a Jew who follows Jesus to be thought of as a “Messianic Jew” since they came before us and we share some much theological history. But does it make any sense for a Muslim to be the same? A Messianic Muslim?
  15. Why do Muslim nations seem to have more dictators and human rights abuses than other countries? Is this, in fact, true?
  16. Do groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad have popular support in their respective countries, and if so, why? Or….do they?
  17. Is terrorism the preferred tactic of these groups? Why do they commit such acts when it seems to be counter-productive to their hopes and dreams?
  18. Is it true that the Palestinian-Israeli issue provides the fuel for the flame of terrorism and anti-western sentiment? And what can be done about that?
  19. Should we be excited or nervous when a new Muslim family moves in next door to us?
  20. What’s the answer for productive co-existence?