We are in Egypt. Cairo. 20 million crammed into a small flat dusty piece of land. Smog. Heat. Traffic.

I write this as we return from a few hours of filming at the Pyramids. We’ve moved about 500 yards in a half hour. Crammed into a bus for 12, we are fourteen. As I found myself getting grumpier by the meter….the Egyptian film guy sitting next to me, who, by the way, is making less money today then most of us make in an hour – said, “This is great. We can make friends with those driving next to us since we are spending so mich time here.”

Not a bad perspective…. Not bad at all. I didn’t think of it. I wanted to punch the neighbor.

Beauty in pain. Freedom in the midst of poverty. A joke from the camel herder near the pyramids that made us all laugh. We assume the poor or poor, but it may depend on how we define poor.

What we need in the west is what they sometimes have more of in the east. Friends and family. We add faith to that and it’s a perfect mix. Power boost the faith with Christ and its a homerun!