I’ve long wondered how other people “experience” church? Is it positive? Negative? Probably a bit of both. Well, now’s your chance to rate how you’ve felt about church over the years.

Here’s what this is NOT:  It is not an opportunity to complain publicly about church. It is not about your theology of church.  It’s not even how good your church is – or how good they’ve been in the past.

It is simply – your personal experience of going to and being part of any given local church.

Here’s what I’d like you to do – think of your whole life of “going to church experiences” and summarize them with one overall number. I know this is hard, because you might love where you are now and give it a 9 (out of a 1-10 scale). But maybe you had one horrendous experience years ago. So I’m asking for your overall “average” of your total sum experience of church.

1 means that it’s been horrible every time. Everyone you met. All the leaders. It was all just awful. And a 10 would mean 100% bliss in every area. So….a 5 would mean it’s been exactly 50/50.

I’ll tell you where I am in a couple days.  If you would, go to my facebook page and vote there. Just put a number. No explanation needed.


Post your # there…  Let’s see how we feel about our lifetime’s of going to and being part of a local church.