Have you ever thought about your motivations for sharing your faith?  Most would just say, “Tell everyone about Jesus and the Gospel, regardless.”  I tell people “Don’t tell anyone about Jesus unless you absolutely can’t help It.”

Do a little self-quiz right now ­ three questions:

1. If you knew everyone in the world was saved, would you still share your faith…and why?
2. Have you ever felt pressured into talking about Jesus?  Made to feel guilty?  You ought to…theology?  What do you think of that?
3. Do you connect your motivation to share ­ i.e. your intention or agenda ­with how it will be received?

I know for myself, the more I’ve felt “the need to evangelize” the less I’ve openly talked about Jesus with people. Because it’s often so awkward.  The less pressure I feel, the more natural I am ­ and the more effective. BUT…this cannot be a “strategy.”  You actually have to believe it.

Your thoughts?