There are probably more than 5 reasons why I wanted to go on this trip with Ted and Chris, and write the book with Ted, but these are 5 pretty good ones. Another, that I won’t expound on, is simply that I find trying our best to love an enemy (a real actual enemy) is a great way to get to know Jesus better.

But…the last one is this: I wanted us to bring good news to the ears of these men and women we met with. I wanted them to hear good news. Not even The Good News. Just any good news. Now….that’s the controversial part. Why would we just give “some good news” when we could give them THE Good News? Good question. Glad you asked….

The Good News has, at times, and for some, become a formula or a speech we give. It is the story of God, the Bible, Jesus and humanity all nicely wrapped up in a 10-20 minute talk. Is that REALLY what the good news is? Is it good? Does it make any sense to the hearer so that it might be good news? Can a Muslim, who has never heard some of this before, hear it? I mean, really hear? And is that why Jesus often prefaced his talks with “to him who has ears to hear let him hear.” Maybe Jesus knew that not everyone could hear this good news either?

So here’s what I believe about sharing The Good News or any good news. Let’s share as much as they can hear. If someone can only hear the words God is for you, then let’s just share that. If they can hear that God is for them and loves them so much he sent Jesus, then let’s share that. But how about thinking of ALL of the life of Christ as good news? He gives tired people rest – that’s good news. He seems to prefer sinners, the poor and kids – good news for those groups at least. He seems to treat us all with the respect and dignity that we deserve and need – good news unless you think you deserve more. He heals sick people – good news. He takes care of widows and orphans – good news for them. See….it could go on and on. It’s ALL good news. Maybe not the ultimate and final Good News, but still not bad at all…

So we went to serve these people, who are at times and in various ways, our enemies – some good news. Brighten their day a bit. Give them a taste, just a sampler, of what will hopefully one day be revealed to them more profoundly as The Best News of all time….that Jesus…..