Would you be willing to do this little experiment and then send it to me for the book Speaking of Jesus…?

Ask 10 people (ones who don’t yet have a friendship with Jesus) some variation of these two questions:

  • When you think of the religion of Christianity, what first comes to mind? And/or what would you say are the two or three main tenants of Christianity?
  • Second question is: (And you have to wait until they’ve answered the first question) What first comes to mind when you think of Jesus of Nazareth? What do you think were his main 2 or 3 teachings or beliefs? And then maybe you’d want to follow up and ask them about the disconnect between the two (if there was one).

Feel free to change these questions to something that makes more sense to you or the ones being questioned. And then post your results on my Fan page and/or comment here on my blog. I will assume that you will be giving me permission to use your name and the responses you post by the submission of your results on my Fan page or blog.

Let’s roll…