I thought it might be fun to let you in on the personal motivations behind writing this wild and crazy book – Tea with Hezbollah: Sitting at the Enemies’ Table.

So….I’ll give you one reason each of the next 5 days. Don’t know if they’re “good” reasons or not, but they’re mine (trying to get Ted to do the same).

Reason #1. To hang out with my buddy Ted. He and I had been dreaming and scheming for years for ways to spend time together, in some sort of adventurous fashion. We’d ridden dirt bikes together. Skied together. Vacationed and traveled together. But we wanted more.

Friendship is one of my highest values. So we did this trip as friends. To hang out. Have fun. And do something significant while we’re at it.

And when my wife Chris was able to join us for part of the trip – well that was a huge bonus. Since she’s my best friend!

Reason #2 tomorrow…