We got so much response from the last blog called “Is Allah God”, that I thought it was worth a second go-round. So here it is….

I was talking with a fairly well known Christian leader this week about this topic. His point was that there is NO WAY that the god of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible are the same. Muslims do not pray to or worship the same god.

Here’s the actually conversation:

Carl: So do you agree that all Arab Christians, for as long as we’ve known, have used the word “Allah” when speaking Arabic for the name of God?

Christian Leader: Yes.

Carl: And you agree that all Muslims also use the word “Allah” when they refer to god, but he’s a different god, correct?

Christian Leader: Yes

Carl: When an Arab Muslim comes to Christ – in a real and fully biblical sense of that – and he still uses the word “Allah” when he prays in Arabic….then it’s the real god? Is that right?

Christian Leader: Hmmm, yes. But only because he’s now seen the real God correctly because of Jesus.

Carl: Fair enough. So let’s say this Muslim who came to know Jesus, and thus now prays to the “correct God”, was praying the day before he got saved. Was he praying to the right god then? What about one minute before he came to Christ and he was calling out to Allah (the incorrect god) and then something happened? A dream or vision or a person sharing their faith with him…  Something happened and then god heard and the REAL God answered. Could that be?

Christian Leader: Never thought of it like that.

Here’s the point – all of us, before we have a real relationship with the real God, have some form of a “fake god” in our heads. But because the real God hears the sincere prayers of sinners (thankfully), He hears us when we call out to him.

So here’s what I say – it’s a moot point to claim that Muslims believe in the wrong god. Since whenever they call out to god (whatever and whoever that is in their minds) with a sincere heart – the real God hears. Just like he did with us!

There is really no good reason for us to insist that Muslims believe in a different God! There’s only One. And when we call out to Him, he comes running!