Hi guys. Here’s a random quick peak from Tea with Hezbollah that comes out next month:

Ten minutes later we were back on the road, driving in silence. As much is communicated by what isn’t said, as by what is. Late into the night we would discuss both. But here our purpose is simply to report what was said and what wasn’t, not to offer any opinions or conclusions from the words of the powerful ideologues we interviewed.

“So, tomorrow the Hezbollah?” I asked after a long silence.

“No,” Samir said. “It’s not yet confirmed. I think the next day.”

“Still not yet?”

“These are not easy things, Teddy. You want to go where no man is going and I can’t just pull a string. Do you have any idea how many in your own government would like this leader we are trying to meet dead?” He blew out some air. “But it will happen, I am confident.”

“Just a slight correction,” I pointed out. “This was Carl’s idea, not mine.”

Carl laughed. Carl always laughs. The scary part is that his laugh is genuine. He really does find levity in my attempt to place any blame for what might or could happen on him. But by now I was growing bold myself, if only a tiny bit, and I
smiled with him.

“Tomorrow, Baalbek,” Carl said. “Hezbollah headquarters.”

But first we must return to Nicole. I had spent more time with my source earlier and jotted down copious notes. An eye-opening story was beginning to emerge from the deep and I was eager to dive back in.