Several times over the years, I’ve been in sticky situations. In jail in Saudi. In Jail in Lebanon (twice). Taken at gunpoint in Iraq. Threatened with a gun in south Lebanon. Kicked out of Lebanon twice. Had our van windows broken out by an angry mob – when we were in the car. My wife has been spit on and cursed at. We know what it feels like to have an enemy want to hurt us.

I remember when I was asked to speak in a mosque in south Lebanon and someone had threatened my life if I came. Chris and I decided I should go anyway (that’s a story in itself).

When a friend found out, he said, “They want to kill you, and you’re going anyway?”

I’m sure he didn’t think we were too bright. (No comments now!):)

The question I’d love a little discussion on is this: What do you think Jesus actually meant when he told us to “love our enemy”? To “do good to them”? To “bless” and to “pray for them”? Was it creative hyperbole? Was he serious? Overstating? What about the enemies of a state? Were they actual literal physical enemies, or theoretical or hypothetical enemies?

That’s my question to you? What do we think Jesus meant for you and I to do with our enemies?