I feel like I’m blind at least half the time. I can’t see tomorrow or even the next minute. I haven’t been to most the places I go – metaphorically speaking.

Faith is being sure of what you don’t see…

That’s the problem with faith. If you can see it, it’s not faith. It’s the reward of faith possibly, but not faith itself.

I’m realizing more and more that my problem really is a lack of faith. Here’s how I “see” it:

We’re working really hard and helping the people of Gaza, but so far haven’t done anything but collect some money. Faith?

We’re at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC for the 11th year in a row, but have we changed the world? Faith?

I first went to the Middle East to bring some hope and life from Christ in 1983. Is there now hope and life? Faith?

What if a good word-picture for faith is this… I’m blind. I can only see with and through the eyes of Jesus. I can’t move without him. I can only see what he sees. Like a blind man being led by his master.

What if I was okay with that? And I didn’t know all the results. I never knew the results. I walked blindly with Jesus. Would that be okay? Is that enough? Is there more?

Maybe that kind of “blind” is what it means to really see!