I’m reading three books at the same time (as usual). Two by Shane Claiborne and one by Rob Bell. They’re not for the faint of heart. Not sure I’d even recommend them they’re so radical. If you feel adventurous, they’re called “The Irresistible Revolution,” “Jesus for President”and “Jesus wants to Save Christians.” All pretty wild.

The point of these books – and the Bible in many ways – is that Jesus came to bring a new kingdom. A totally different way of life. That religious business as usual was over and there was a new way, a new king, a new life. And it was pretty much upside down/backwards from all they had known. It still is today.

I am constantly asked what I think the “answer” is in the Middle East. I always say “Jesus” and then people laugh and say “No, but seriously.” Hmmmm? How about “The way of Jesus.” That’s an even better answer. So…what’s his “way” in a time like now?

Would Jesus kill the terrorists or root out the insurgents? Would he ask us to do that? Or is there another way?

What did he model? How did he live? How did he treat actual bad guys? What about Occupiers? How were the ones with the power to treat the ones without power?

These are real questions that he actually answered in both his teaching and his life.

So how do we answer those questions? There are answers we just don’t like them. But they will bring life! Live or die? The choice is ours for our own lives and for the lives of others. Which do we choose?