According to Isaiah in the 58th Chapter….Fasting and other spiritual disciplines (prayer, studying the scriptures) are good and bear much fruit in our lives and work.

But there is another kind of “fast” that the Prophets talk about as well as Jesus (Matthew 25): that’s the fast of taking action. It’s to “loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free….to share your food with the hungry.”

I wonder if we, as the hands and feet of Jesus on earth should retreat less and advance more? More action, less thinking? Not so many strategy and prayer meetings, but a prayer on the go that God would speak! And he has. Go!

Remember Keith Green? He used to say “what part of the word ‘go’ don’t you understand?” He was crazy eh? Or not…?

That’s what I’m thinking about today for Gaza. What does it mean to “go?” What would be the True Fast for the people of God in response to Gaza?

I think I know what it means for me. Do you?