Jesus himself was a master at that. He called his 12 closest friends to be with him on a mountain in Matthew chapter 5, but by the end of that talk, he had a huge crowd (look at the end of chapter 7). He was speaking the deepest and most intimate truths to his 12 closest friends in the midst of the crowds.

I find that I, too often, want to change my message. Nuance it differently for different audiences. Sometimes this may be appropriate. But what if I could be the same man everywhere? Have the same message with anyone? What if I was – like Jesus – a man who lives these thoughts:

*Bring and live life
*Encouragement not condemnation
*Relationships matter
*Religion isn’t the answer
*Love the poor, serve the hurting
*The towel (of foot washing fame) is greater than the sword
*God invites people in
*God’s parties are for all. Only the religious keep people out

I think all of us need that. The smallest group of our closest friends as well as the crowds we don’t know. This is the message of Jesus’ Kingdom.