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    Going to Somalia

    A door has opened to me that I believe I am to walk through. It’s not an easy door. And, I’m not exactly certain all that is on the other side. But this is one of those times that I just know it’s a step …

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    When You Don’t Know What To Do

    It was the evening of November 12th. Sitting with my dear friend Samir at his home in Saudi Arabia, I got a text from our daughter Anna who lives in Beirut: Don’t worry. I’m ok.   “Why would she say that,” I asked Samir. He …

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  • Jihad and blowing stuff up Part 3

    Where were we? Oh yes, how do we respond to terrorism or angry Muslim retaliation to something we’ve done. The burning of Bibles or the killing of Americans. I’ve previously suggested that we need to recognize that our questions can be answered from three different …

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