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  • Removing “Son of God” from the Bible

    There’s an interesting debate going on within Christian missions circles these days.  Wycliffe Bible Translators have taken out the term “Son of God” in the New Testament when referring to Jesus in their Arabic Bible translations.  They’ve done this because (they say) it does not …

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  • The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of God – A Response

    So my recent blog on Israel, Replacement Theology and the Kingdom of God (or Jesus), was the most read of anything I’ve written. That actually disappoints me, but…it’s not surprising. There’s definitely something about that place and the theology behind it that interests the world. …

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  • Jihad and blowing stuff up Part 3

    Where were we? Oh yes, how do we respond to terrorism or angry Muslim retaliation to something we’ve done. The burning of Bibles or the killing of Americans. I’ve previously suggested that we need to recognize that our questions can be answered from three different …

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