“Carl is a gifted story-teller who effortlessly inspires his listeners to more faithfully follow Jesus and more joyfully share him with others. His visit to our church was life-changing for many, and was a clear catalyst in pushing our focus more strongly towards those who do not yet know Jesus. Plus Carl makes sweet jokes.”

Jeremy Putz
Central Baptist Church

“Carl has a unique way of telling the story of the intricate relationship between Muslims and Christians. He helped us think deeply about the conflict while challenging our own views of relating to people around the globe. Your group will love hearing Carl, and they’ll walk away equipped to develop a richer, deeper, relevant faith.”

Andy Braner
Author/Speaker President/CEO Ahava Ministries and Founder President of Camp Kivu

“People get excited when they hear that Carl is coming to speak at our church. They know they’ll be inspired towards Jesus, faith, risk and loving others with a tremendous amount of humor and power.”

Floyd McClung
Author and Speaker, Founder and President of All Nations, Former Int’l Director of YWAM

“Carl’s message rocked our church with the message to live like Jesus and truly love our neighbor as yourself – without an agenda. Suddenly we all had a new paradigm to “evangelism”. It was actually quite liberating!”

Kirk Yamaguchi
Sr. Pastor, Canyon View Vineyard Church

“Carl came to our church and spoke at four services. He is a gifted story teller. His stories clarify how great Jesus is. Our attendees were significantly refreshed by Carl. One elder of ours said, ‘I had stopped bringing up Jesus with people in everyday conversation because I was turning people off. The week after Carl was here, I was able to naturally share about Jesus in a comfortable way, and now the guys at the shop are asking me questions – it’s been freeing.’ Carl has been the best guest we have ever brought in to speak at our church.

Cory Sondrol
Senior Leader, Vineyard Christian Fellowship