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  • Dalton Caraway T1Zgj Zwe4Y Unsplash

    Jesus and Trump?

    It appears that the unholy mix of American nationalism with some brands of Christianity have produced a blind allegiance to whomever speaks their language. Trump has been the spokesperson most recently but in the past it’s been Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and to a lesser …

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  • Jason Rosewell 60014

    The MLK Day I’ll Never Forget

    Michal’s story. My heart was pounding in my chest. I slowly felt my body heating up and my mind was racing. This is it, I thought. This was a test. What was I going to do? Was I going to be a spectator and stay …

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    Somalia: The Toughest Place I’ve Ever Visited

    I was never quite sure if the 40 man military was surrounding us to protect us or kidnap us. Most were in plain clothes with shoulder-straps full of bullets and machine guns pointed randomly at nothing in particular.

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