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    Practical Ways to Reach Out to Muslims (Or Anyone Else). Tip #2: No Agenda

    I know, we all have an agenda.  Jesus had one.  His was multifaceted.  To serve.  To teach twelve. To live in a way we could see the Father.  To love.  To die.  And it seems the people he met never felt “used” by him.  He …

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    Practical Ways to Reach Out to Muslims (or Anyone Else). Tip #1: Have Fun

    It always amazes me how often those of us from Christian backgrounds (especially the more conservative types) don’t know how to party. In fact, that very word makes some nervous. Part of our excuse is that we’re dealing with a life-and-death topic…our relationship to God. …

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    When Good Friday Doesn’t Feel Very Good

    Easter was pretty atypical for us this year. In fact, it was very difficult. Chris and I found ourselves flying over the Atlantic on Good Friday, in preparation for our beloved sister-in-law’s funeral on Easter Monday, the day after Easter. Those days of what many …

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    3 Tips to Make 2016 the Best Year Ever!

    In May of 2001 I attended a Muslim-Christian dialogue conference in Baghdad hosted by none other than Saddam Hussein.  About 5000 delegates from all different kinds of religious backgrounds, from all over the world.  Mandaeans (followers of John the Baptist). Yazidis.  Syriac, Chaldean, and Assyrian …

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    People You Ought to Consider Supporting

    Like you, Chris and I scramble at the end of the year asking the question, “Who should we send a year-end gift to?” It’s sort of a weird tradition. I mean, it all counts the same in both God’s eyes and in the eyes of …

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    Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

    You might think such a question should be simple. Yes. No. But answers about God and his nature have never been able to fit on the bumper of a car. The Bible is full of of descriptive passages as to God’s character, often using anthropomorphisms …

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    When You Don’t Know What To Do

    It was the evening of November 12th. Sitting with my dear friend Samir at his home in Saudi Arabia, I got a text from our daughter Anna who lives in Beirut: Don’t worry. I’m ok.   “Why would she say that,” I asked Samir. He …

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    What Have We Handcuffed to Jesus?

    I like all my books.  Really I do.  Periodically, someone will ask me what book that I’ve written is my favorite.  And, it is kind of like asking which of my kids is my favorite.  After all, each was birthed through a fairly intense labor process …

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    How Do We Really “Spread the Good News”?

    Here is an essay introduction I wrote to the book of I Thessalonians for the recently released Jesus Centered Bible.   **** Jesus in I Thessalonians More than I’ve seen in my lifetime, people in the church are divided over how we should most effectively spread …

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    How I Read the Bible

    First, I open it and then I….ok, sorry. Just being silly. But honestly, I think we sometimes take some really important things for granted, things that seem simple, and we don’t really consider why we do what we do.  We may assume that enjoying and …

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