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  • Three Kinds of People

    There were three kinds of people who physically followed Jesus 2000 years ago. The crowds, the curious and the committed. (I was going to call these three groups, the crowds, the in-between folks and the disciples ­ but the Three C’s sound so much better).

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  • A Great Review

    A Great Review

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  • My Favorite Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

    Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

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  • All the others

    A friend of mine says “It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.” So true…

    You’ll notice that I throw around the “we” word a lot. I often get asked “who is the we” you’re referring to? Well, it’s whoever it is…… (Profound, I know). But the “we” or the team, changes depending on what it is we’re doing. I honestly believe that anyone who is working in the name of Jesus and loving others, is on the same team that I’m on.

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  • Friends are Friends Forever….

    I wrote an email with three principles for doing ministry effectively (in our style). The first was to focus on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I followed up on this on my blog. There’s a lot to say here about what I didn’t say (for instance, why wouldn’t I say that we should focus on the Crucified and resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?). Which would be a good question if you were to ask it… 🙂

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  • Citizen Diplomacy

    I often struggle to explain to friends exactly what it is I do. As most of you know, I’ve long since moved away from terms like “Missionary,” or even “Christian.” I don’t think of myself as “doing ministry” or even “evangelism.” However, it’s much easier to say what I’m NOT rather than say what I AM. Who am I and what do I do?

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  • Religion is not From God!

    As you know, if you’ve read anything by me or listened to any talk I’ve given – I’m not a big fan of religion. I don’t like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or even my own religion – Christianity. Why? And what do I mean by that?

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  • Two Meals, Twenty Emails and Seven Resolutions

    Two Meals, Twenty Emails and Seven Resolutions The best things happen over meals. We see this in the life of Christ. Most of his work took place on the street or over meals, not in religious meetings. My recent experience confirms this. Ten religious leaders …

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  • Hate what Jesus Hates

    Okay, this might be my most direct and hopefully most helpful post yet about religion.

    I often say we are called to love what Jesus loves mainly….people. Everyone. All 6.7 billion of them. But what if we’re also supposed to hate what Jesus seemed to hate?! Obviously that could and should include sin anything that offends God.

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  • Kneeling Before the Sheikh and the King

    An amazing trip to the Middle East. This is worth a read. Here are some snapshots:

    We were with the Hezbollah #2 (who we always see). He’s functionally the top guy as the #1 guy has been in hiding for 4 years. We are in his office in Tyre, southern Lebanon. We’ve had three and a half hours of great discussion. The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, has just landed in Lebanon hours earlier (more on that in a bit). As usual, I ask the Sheikh if we can pray for him before we go and he says “Of course.” I asked one of my pastor friends to pray. He is overcome by the Holy Spirit, falls to his knees in front of the Sheikh, and through tears, prays. We lay hands on the Hezbollah leader and sense the presence of God in the room. An amazing moment etched in my mind.

    My first thought (after “Oh my goodness, my friend looks like he’s kissing the guy’s feet”) was, “We are in the presence of The King. Jesus is here. How cool….”

    The next snapshot was later that same day as we were hosted by an extremely wealthy Muslim background businessman who has seen visions of Jesus. Our friend Brad broke out into song on the guitar, and while they thought he was doing a mini-concert, he led in prayer through worship. Again, we physically experienced the presence of God in that house (which backed up against the Prime Minister’s house). I asked if the host and his wife would stand in the middle so we could gather around and pray for them. I gave them a bit of instruction: “Don’t pray, just be still. We will pray for you.”

    They did, and we did – tears all around.

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