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    Theological Purity vs. Sociological Inclusivity

    I often get asked tough questions about Muslims, or LGBT friends.  Or, I encounter a person from one political perspective asking a complex question about someone with an “other” perspective. Basically, the questions are usually along the line of, “how can we love the sinner and still hate the sin?” Of course …

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    How Do We Know Jesus? (Week 3)

    How do we really know Jesus? A few weeks ago I promised to give you my best three suggestions for moving beyond knowing about Jesus, to really knowing Him.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve shared the first two: We know Jesus from what we …

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    How Do We Know Jesus? (Week 2)

    How do we really know Jesus?  That’s the big question. If you read last week’s entry, you will know that my first suggestion can be summed up as follows: If you want to get to know Jesus, read the four gospels until they become part …

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    How Do We Know Jesus? (Week 1)

    I speak about politics, religion, and Denver Broncos football. But, I speak of Jesus. You see, I speak of what I know. Do we really know Jesus? And, what exactly does that mean, anyway? Over the next 3 weeks, I will make three suggestions that I believe …

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    “You’re all Pharisees!”

    Dr. Larycia Hawkins was removed from Wheaton College for her “extreme views.” (She donned the Muslim women’s hijab, took a selfie with it on, and equated Allah with God.) Then we invited her to share at Simply Jesus. Between her and Shane Claiborne, well let’s just …

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    Black lives. White police. Brown Syrians.

    It’s typically unwise to provide wide-ranging social or political commentary right after a horrible tragedy.  The challenge however, is that in our current “tragedy-a-day” world and with 24 hour “news” coverage and social media blaring on our ears non-stop, waiting until things quiet down, might …

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    The Key to Everything – Paying Respect to Dr. Kenneth Bailey

    A year and a half ago I met with one of my three modern literary mentors, Ken Bailey. (The other two would be N.T. Wright and Dallas Willard). I’d always wanted to meet Ken, and finally, through some serious stalking, I made an appointment with …

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    Top 20 Medearis Family Travel Tips

    It’s June. That time of year many of us take to the highways and airways in search of a week or two of hiking, sun bathing, or some other source of R&R. So, just for fun, I thought I’d share some my family’s hard-earned travel-tips. …

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    Practical Ways to Reach Out to Muslims (Or Anyone Else). Tip #5: Be Yourself

    This one is tougher than it looks.  It’s amazing how much time we spend being someone else.  I’ve done that much of my life.  Even in our attempts to “be like Jesus,” we’re asked to be “like” him in our own skin.  We’re all uniquely …

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    Practical Ways to Reach Out to Muslims (Or Anyone Else). Tip #4: No Western Christian Culture

    This is a tough one.  The obvious follow-up question is, “How do we know the difference between what’s Western Christian culture and the good stuff?”  Great question.  Answer: It’s not easy to tell.  Because no matter what we read and hear and believe, our experience …

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