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  • “You Get the Blessing” Radio Program Interview

    Click here to listen to my recent interview discussing Speaking of Jesus on the You Get the Blessing radio program with Bob Beltz and Bo Mitchell. (Sunday, July 10, 2011)

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  • An Excerpt of Tea

    Hi guys. Here’s a random quick peak from Tea with Hezbollah that comes out next month:

    Ten minutes later we were back on the road, driving in silence. As much is communicated by what isn’t said, as by what is. Late into the night we would discuss both. But here our purpose is simply to report what was said and what wasn’t, not to offer any opinions or conclusions from the words of the powerful ideologues we interviewed.

    “So, tomorrow the Hezbollah?” I asked after a long silence.

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  • Welcome to the Jungle

    I attended college in Colorado Springs, married the love of my life, and began to get involved with a Vineyard church in Denver. My heart beat with the same passion that infects so many today. I wanted to change history. I wanted to be there at the moment when people were conceived in Christ. I didn’t fully understand what ministry was, but I dove in.

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  • A Clear Target

    From time to time, I’d like to throw in something I’ve already written from either “Muslims, Christians and Jesus” or from the upcoming “Tea with Hezbollah.” I’m now working in a new book called “Speaking of Jesus” and the following blog is from that…

    For every five people who would stop to talk to me about being a Christian as a life-changing, positive thing, there was one who would step up to the plate and tell me with vivid clarity that they thought Christianity was a crock and that Christians were a bunch of hypocrites.

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