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  • My “Best of” 2013

    Never done this before but was inspired by Donald Miller’s “Best of” blog. So…here it goes….

    The Best of 2013:

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  • Gay Ducks

    I can’t stand it any more. I have to weigh in. Besides, everyone else is and I’m feeling left out. 🙂

    I don’t really want to repeat what Duck Dynasty’s hairy dad, Phil Robertson, said – if you somehow missed it – just log on to any news site or watch TV. He was quoted saying that homosexuality is sin, in a fairly graphic manner. He then went on to say some things about black people that I personally found far more offensive.

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  • The new and (vastly) improved “Middle East Experience” website.

    I don’t know how often you check out this site – but it’s now a lot more interesting with a ton more content. Spend some time here: Also we’re doing a little fund-raising campaign – but you get a bunch of cool stuff for …

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  • The Process of Writing a Book.

    So….sort of big news. I’m signing a contract this week for a new book – with Bethany House/Baker publishing. (They did my first book – Muslims, Christians and Jesus – and I’ve loved working with them). The back and forth of writing a good proposal and then the contract negotiations took about two months – now we sign. And then….I have to start writing. Here’s how that goes………… Not that well. 🙂

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  • A generous life

    One of the things I’ve learned from generous friends – is that the generosity of sharing friends is perhaps the most profound kind of generosity. In the world i come from, who you know is everything. If you have a “big donor” you would never introduce that person to your other ministry friends because they might “steal him.”

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  • I’m Thankful….

    for a great family. Wonderful parents and two great sister. An amazing wife and three great kids (when can i stop calling them “kids”). For friends. Unbelievable friends – the kind that stick with you through thick and thin. An amazing “job” – not sure what makes a job a job, but whatever it is I get to do everyday – I almost feel guilty it’s so fun!

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  • Complicating Jesus

    Two weeks from today we start our gathering called “Simply Jesus.”

    I’m in the first week of teaching my online University course to 21 eager students – “Jesus in a Muslim Context.”

    We have a new small group study guide for my book “Speaking of Jesus.”

    Last weekend I was in Chicago and this weekend in Richmond – encouraging Christians to follow Jesus.

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  • Syria, the Government Shutdown and a girl named Malala

    Someone asked me last week at a Q and A time where I was speaking in San Antonio, “If you had a few minutes to advise President Obama on what he should do with Syria, what would you say?”

    I replied – as you might guess: “Jesus.”

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  • Syria. Why history matters.

    My bachelors degree is in History from the University of Colorado. General history. I studied world history, American history, ancient history, any and all kinds of history. I took a class called -12th Century Europe – and loved it. I’ve always found it fascinating that we all acknowledge the adage “History repeats itself” and then we move ahead….and sure enough, it does.

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  • Understanding Syria. And what do we do now?

    In January of 2003 I was in a room filled with Congressmen in DC – they were asking me and my Arab friend, Samir, questions about Iraq. It quickly became evident they knew nothing of the county – it’s history, it culture, it’s multi-ethnic and multi-religious heritage. They knew nothing about the country we were about to invade/liberate. I remember asking four or five simple questions – questions anyone who knew anything about the Middle East should know. And not one of them knew even one answer. And here we are 10 years later: 5000 American lives lost. 150,000 (at least) Iraqi civilians dead. And continued daily bombings inside the country. That was probably not what these Congressmen envisioned at that large house in DC that January evening of 2003.

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