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  • FEAR

    FEAR! We’re all afraid. Why? Why is everyone I know afraid of something? What causes fear and what drives out fear? Overcoming fear is probably one of the central life-messages I believe God has given me. Watch this video and give me some feedback. I hope/think you’ll find it helpful. Pass it on if it is….

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  • I no longer believe in Evangelism

    One well-known respected Christian leader said to me two days ago, “Carl, clever subtitle on the new book. The art of NOT evangelism.” Then he winked and smiled.

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  • The Third portion of Speaking of Jesus…in order to whet your appetite for more

    Remember, Jesus is the Way, and He started by saying, “Follow Me.” If all of this gives you pause, then I suggest a thought. We do not really know the gospel. It’s part of a multifaceted tapestry of other things. We have misplaced the gospel, perhaps become blind to it. It has become hidden in sermons, churches, self-help books, and apologetic philosophies.

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  • Osama 304048 1280

    Thoughts from N.T. Wright on the killing of Bin Laden

    I’ve been facilitating a small email forum on various topics and the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden naturally led the recent focus of discussion. Here’s what Tom (Dr. N.T.) Wright wrote to me last week. When I asked for his permission to post this on my site, this is what he said. “I am quite worried about the American exceptionalism which seems endemic in right-wing circles in your country, including alas right-wing Christian circles.”

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  • Speaking of Jesus

    Too often I try to win allies to my point of view rather than pointing to Jesus. I remember having lots of arguments with people of different perspectives. I exercised my tongue and my brain a lot in those situations. I fervently and (I hope) intelligently refuted arguments. I showed my mettle. I proved myself.

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  • An Unfair Advantage

    A slightly humorous and possibly profound illustration of how we can focus on Jesus rather than our “Christianity” happened a little over a year ago in Colorado Springs. I was invited to participate in a city wide discussion hosted by a church on the topic of inter-faith dialogue.

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  • Happy Easter

    In a few days we will be celebrating Easter. Happy Easter to all of you. Christ has risen! Truly he has risen! As I reflect back over past Easters my heart is stirred and my mind recalls quite a few images and impressions that left indelible marks upon my heart. I grew up going to a Greek Orthodox Church and Easter was the biggest celebration in the church.

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  • Further Understanding of the Modern Middle East

    Turkey, Iran and Sudan are on the edges. Sometimes they are lumped in with the “Middle East” but not always. Turkey is quite different from the Arab countries. They are Turks and speak Turkish for starters. Iran is also not Arab. They are Persian and speak Farsi. Sudan is Arab in the north and tribal non-Arabic speaking in the South (the country is in the process of becoming two as we speak).

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  • Change in the Middle East is Good. Right?

    The Middle East is on fire. Changing. Revolutions. Dictators falling and democracies failing. Is it positive? Here’s my take….

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