Making Jesus Accessible

  • Supreme Court Building

    Terrorists, Gay Weddings, and the Confederate Flag

    As a follow up to my blog a couple days ago about the urgent need for wise nuance – I write today in light of three major news stories now unfolding. I want to be able to discern the difference between terrorists who act in …

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  • Carl Smiling On Stage SJG2015

    Living in Tension

    Why can’t we live in tension? In a place of nuance. Jesus seemed to constantly navigate those waters. One minute he’s calling one of his religious leaders a son of the devil and the next welcoming a prostitute or a tax collector. He says BOTH …

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  • 11053526 1030092750339108 9022398860327478959 N

    My Three Days in Sudan

    Darfur. Genocide. Persecution of Christians.  Sanctions.  A rogue nation that supports terrorism.   The man who got me my visa has been accused of behind a  “a behind-the-scenes engineer of government atrocities.”  All in all, a scary place full of scary people. These words that first …

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  • WhatISISWants

    What ISIS Wants

    Loving Muslim neighbors in the wake of gruesome executions and the Chapel Hill murders. Enemies change. At times they’re the ones we don’t like. Other times, they’re the ones who don’t like us. Often an enemy might be a whole group of people, like “those …

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  • American Sniper Poster


    When the movie “American Sniper” came out two weeks ago it set off a firestorm of praise and criticism.  I posted several things on Facebook and Twitter calling into question the idea that a sniper could be a hero.  I also made some comments about …

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  • Blog Rickl

    Jesus Wants Your Skin in the Game

    By Rick Lawrence There He is again, playing a game of verbal “Battleship” with the Pharisees in the temple court—they take a shot at him, and he fires right back. Jesus has, once again, so grossly offended the teachers of the law that they intend …

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  • Saudi Grand Mufti E1421345256220

    Jesus Serves Muhammad

    When we see Muslims committing acts of terror like the recent horror in Paris – there’s only one clarifying question that needs to be answered:  does the Quran or Islam, in some way, encourage such violence? As the Charlie Hebdo magazine released its new edition yesterday with prophet Muhammad …

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  • Carl Medearis

    At the end of the year, I….

    …I want more of Jesus. Really, if I were smart, I’d stop right here. This blog would be done. Because that says it all. I want more of Jesus. Hungry and thirsty for him.  For the life he gives and the love he offers and …

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  • Adventures In Saying Yes

    The Nuances of Truth

    We want our politics to fit on a bumper sticker.  Stand with Michael Brown. Ferguson Forever. Seek and Destroy ISIS.  Hope and Change. Amnesty for Immigrants. Was officer Darren Wilson actually guilty? Was Michael Brown really an innocent victim?  Our brains and hearts cry out …

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  • Finding ISIS in Ferguson

    ISIS. Ebola. Ferguson.  We sit glued to our television sets enthralled by the power of “What-if.”  What if ISIS comes here?  What if I catch Ebola and die?  What if disgruntled minorities rise up in violent protest where I live?  The media sells it. We …

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