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  • Blog Tedd

    A Radical Idea – by Ted Dekker

    It’s time to let some thoughts die so that you can rise again. With one new thought, your life can radically change. Sound impossible? Well, it is until you learn to use that one thought.  Maybe ‘thought’ is too narrow a word to describe the …

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  • Blog Gun

    Gun Control and Santa Barbara

    In light of the recent terrorist attack in Santa Barbara I decided to write totally off topic.  This is my gun control proposal. Simple, clear and direct. First of all, you need to know that I’m for the right to bear arms.  (Loosely given to …

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  • Brianzahndpainting 300x2791

    Water to Wine – by Brian Zahnd

    Ten years later it’s time to tell some of my story… I was halfway to ninety, midway through life, and I’d reached a full-blown crisis. Call it a garden variety mid-life crisis if you want, but it was something more than that. You might say …

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  • Carl Medearis Photo 271x3001

    Why I Do What I Do

    Our daughter asked me a couple months ago – once she saw all that we’re doing, “Dad why do you do all these things? Do you enjoy them?”   It’s actually a really good question. Chris and I have been touring around the eastern part of …

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  • Illeana2 241x3001

    Jesus and Ileana- Brad Corrigan

    Jesus & Ileana.   I love these two names so much.   One name means ‘Son of God’… and the other ‘God answers’.   They’re also more than names to me.  They’re the two most powerful stories in my life.   I never knew Jesus, …

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  • PencilSketch 221x3001

    Jesus and John the Baptist – by Conrad Gempf

    You’re behind the mirror-glass window. There are only two guys in the line-up. They both look kind of foreign and have beards. They’re both wearing those bathrobe-things. The one on the left, holding a card with the number 1, is taller than number 2. Which …

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  • Michael Hidalgo1

    Weak is the New Strong – by Michael Hidalgo

    Jesus was weak. At least according to the way we often think in terms of strength and weakness. Many believe might makes right. The one who is justified at the end of a debate, argument, or battle is the one who is able to silence …

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  • WilliamPaulYoung ByTorgeNiemann 0051 300x3001

    It is Time! – by Paul Young

    There are many of us who believe that the center and source of all existence is a community of self-giving, other-centered love, where there is no hierarchy of power, no hierarchy of value and no hierarchy of respect. Even if you do not believe as many of us do, that Jesus is the incarnation of this self-giving, other-centered God, completing an intention from the beginning of space, time and matter to fully identify with us, you can still believe in the ‘Spirit’ of Jesus; the humility that embraces our common history as humanity, the openness to walking in the eyes of the ‘other’, the risks of searching together for better ways and understandings, the courage to suspend our judgments and prejudices while attacking the darkness that resides in our own hearts.

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  • Blog Duck

    World Vision. Duck Dynasty. Global Warming. Noah. Muslims. And, uh….Jesus.

    Seems like a lot of folks are mad these days. Just check your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you haven’t noticed.

    Growing up, I don’t remember any Christians being mad at anything. We weren’t engaged, and we were happy. Racial issues were for “those people in the South” to deal with. Issues of sexuality were never talked about. Women’s rights were an “interesting discussion” that some folks in New York City were having. And Al Gore hadn’t invented either the internet (so we could follow these bad things) or Global Warming.

    Life was good!

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  • 2L7PlMO1 400x400

    A Poem from my good friend in Basque Country

    Glass shatters, sun light flows, a biting wind awakes my soul. I see, after all, that life is light, not sharp clear panes. I took glass for beauty, yet it was the penetrating wind that awoke me to see through, see the view, to see You.

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