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  • Bad Reasons for Sharing Jesus!

    Have you ever thought about your motivations for sharing your faith? Most would just say, “Tell everyone about Jesus and the Gospel, regardless.” I tell people “Don’t tell anyone about Jesus unless you absolutely can’t help It.”

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  • A New York City Jesus Mosque

    Maybe you’ve heard ­ a mosque might be built near Ground Zero. This has raised a significant and I think important debate in America. And as you might guess, it has filled my inbox nearly every day with “what do you think about this” emails from politicians, pastors and business leaders. The questions raised are real.

    One thing I’m sure of, at the heart of this discussion is how we view ourselves, others and ultimately the fabric and fiber of God’s Kingdom. It is NOT primarily a discussion about whether or not Muslims have the right to build a mosque there (or anywhere). It is NOT primarily a discussion about freedom of religion in America. I think those have been answered.

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  • New Film Trailer

    Great news: The kids are done with the first part of editing their film ­
    From the Eyes of Hope ­ and making a trailer for it. Watch it.

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  • Question #9: What’s your view on the Church? I don’t hear you talk about Church much.

    Unfortunately the word “church” is much like the word “Christian.” It’s been so misused that it has little power.

    The word church in the bible is used in two senses. A local “church” and the universal “church” which is all who believe in a follow Jesus.

    The Big C Church is interesting. Anyone who is part of the family of God is “in” this Church. From New Testament scripture we understand that anyone who has said a “yes” of faith to Jesus as his Master and Rescuer, is part of this new adopted family of God. So there are all kids of folks in this Church. Protestants and Catholics. Orthodox and Pentecostals. And others who have believed from Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or other religious backgrounds. We don’t know everyone who is “in” this Big C Church. Makes it kinda fun…. (This Big C Church is what Jesus established – it’s his).

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  • Question #8: We know most Muslims are not terrorists but what do we do with the ones who are?

    Alert: Consumer warning! Reading, believing and then doing the following may be hazardous to your life. Seriously. I don’t take this lightly as our lives have been endangered many times by living this out!
    “Terrorism” is the use of violence against non-combatants in order to intimidate and coerce a population for political (or religious) purposes. A terrorist is someone who does that. The organizations behind terrorism are typically not official governments or religious bodies, but groups of loosely formed zealots seeking power, while sometimes using larger organizations or governments as cover. (All my definitions).
    Terrorism and Terrorists can never be excused or justified. They may have their reasons for doing what they do, but their reasons are always and by definition inexcusable and illegitimate.

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  • Question #7: How do we Raise money for all we do?

    Poorly! That’s the short answer. Neither Chris nor I have been good at raising money. We don’t like it and we don’t like many of the models we’ve seen for doing it.
    Basically the answer is, we’ve prayed and told people the need when they’ve asked. As you’ve seen, we also suggest every once in a while, in a general email update, that you could pray for provision – or something like that. It’s an indirect way of saying “help” I suppose. We really do believe, however, that when we and others pray, God provides. And he always has!

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  • Question #6: Who is the “we” when you talk about those you’re working with? Sometimes I’m not sure who is on your ‘team’ or your accountability system.

    This is a great question. I don’t get it often, but every once in a while someone will ask who the “we” is. And it’s a great question to answer anyway…

    Legally, we’ve always been accountable to our non-profit board. That has remained constant. We also have an additional “core group” of three couples who know us well and meet with us regularly to inspect and encourage every part of our lives.

    We have also been relationally part of the Vineyard churches and Frontiers for all of these years.

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  • Question #5: You never use numbers of people who have come to follow Jesus or any type of qualitative data for what you do. Why is that? It’s hard to follow what’s going on sometimes with your ministry when we don’t see specific or clear reports.

    A fairly typical newsletter from those in Christian Ministry will have quantifiable measurements of success built into the letter. So you know who you’re supporting and what they’re accomplishing. Fair enough. I’d say that’s the norm. So…why don’t I do that?
    Churches planed. Souls saved. Baptized. Or even conversation hours logged with those you’ve shared your faith. Maybe how many bibles or Jesus Films you’ve given out in the last year. How many homes you’ve visited. These are the things many ministries focus on.
    First let’s try to answer why most ministries do that. Why do you think they do? Here are my thoughts:

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  • Question #4: What is your position on Israel? As you’ve gotten more involved there, I’m often concerned that you may be anti-Semitic.

    I hope you can appreciate that I am attempting to tackle some huge issues, of which 100’s of books have been written, in a short space, in simple terms and in manner that reflects my heart and theology clearly.
    So here’s a biggee – “What about Israel?” I was recently almost disallowed from speaking at a Promise Keepers event because they weren’t sure I was “pro Israel enough.”
    I’ve already written one blog on this – it was a few months ago. You can find it under the name “Israeli for the sake of the Gospel.” Here would be my main thoughts:

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  • Question #3: Are you Evangelical in Your Theology and Missiology?

    Are you Evangelical in your theology and missiology? I never hear you use words that my other evangelical friends use and you always sound a bit fuzzy – almost like a Universalist or something. Can you clarify?

    This is the question I’m most often NOT asked, but I know people are thinking. Of course, “Evangelical” has come to mean many different things, much like the word Christian. So I typically don’t use it when referring to myself.

    The idea of someone being an “Evangelical” was popularized in the 1950’s by Billy Graham and then the publication Christianity Today (and Wheaton College). It was partially as a balance to the thoughts of “Fundamentalist Christians” who were becoming a bit stoic and overly focused on right theology (which, of course, was their theology). Rules and regulations had seemed to overshadow a vibrant relationship with Jesus. So some Christians were arguing for a more compassionate and embracing word to describe their belief as taught in the scriptures (as they saw it).

    The word “Evangelical” seemed to make sense because it had roots in the word “evangel” or the Good News (gospel). And someone who believed in the good news of Jesus Christ, would surely want to spread that news and we call that Evangelism. All fair enough.

    But, of course, words need reformation every few generations, just like cultures do.

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